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Why do a fundraiser? Quite simply, Heritage Falls Premium Soy Candles are a perfect alternative to the pizza, candy and other fundraising products that are on the mark today.

Heritage Falls Premium Soy Candles are made from the most recent advances in soybean wax technology and are on the leading edge of a candle market trend that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Our soy candles sell for reasonable prices and earn your group 50% pure profit for each candle sold! Our fundraising program offers three jar sizes and 29 fragrances:

Pint Jar – $17.00 (earn $8.50/candle)
Half Pint – $10.00 (earn $5.00/candle)
Mini Jar – $7.00 (earn $3.50/candle)
Average groups of 10-15 members easily raise $1500 or more in total sales!

How Does It Work?

Simply designate a coordinator from your group or organization to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a start-up kit and further details.  No minimum order is required, however some groups choose to use the candle display kit(s), which require minimal payment up front to begin your sale.  You choose the number of candles and/or full kits to be used and we’ll invoice you accordingly.

Once you’ve selected a start date, we’ll ship everything you need to effectively run your fundraising program, including the sample display kit (candles at discount), promotional materials and order forms. Many groups and clubs display their sample kits at special events or gatherings (effectively doubling their sales). You might also choose to use your sample candle set as a prize incentive for top sellers or can apply the candles directly toward your final order.

Candles are sold by your group for a specified time period with all monies collected at the time of sale. Your fundraising coordinator will then complete the final paperwork and submit your Final Tally Form to our office, along with a check made payable to Heritage Falls for 50% of your sales total.

Orders will normally be shipped within 3-5 business days. (Please allow up to 2 weeks production time during the busy fall & holiday seasons). You may also make arrangements to pick up your orders if you wish to save on the final ship charge.

Payment & Shipping Charges: Your Sample Display Kit (candles at discount), including ship charges, will be invoiced and due before the start of your sale.  Once payment is received, we will immediately ship your candle samples and order supplies.  You are not required to use a display kit and can opt to sell with order forms only.  However, most groups prefer the “smell and sell” method. 

Payment for your final order and related ship charges will be invoiced separately at the completion of your sale and will be due upon delivery.

Please consider us for our group’s next fundraiser. Contact us to get your group started today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Q & A

We want to do a fundraiser. How do we get started?

Contact our office or a designated Fundraiser Consultant for paperwork and personal attention to your inquiries and requests. Designate a coordinator from your group that can communicate with our staff to ensure a successful program. Please allow a week from the time of your fundraiser start date to get your paperwork in order and the order brochures and Sales Kit(s) out to you.

Does the group pay for fundraising order form brochures or promotional materials?

NO. Order forms & promotional sheets are provided FREE OF CHARGE to every selling member in your group. You will need to complete the Fundraiser Application form and advise your tax exempt status/certification number prior to receiving the order forms. Your fundraising consultant can help you complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to us by mail or fax form. Please be sure to indicate total number of sellers in your group so we can ensure that an adequate number of brochures are sent your way in a timely manner. The only fee charged to your group includes the cost of your Fundraiser Sales Kit, however, this kit provides you with sample candles for fragrances of your choice at a discounted rate that can then be used toward your final fundraiser order or as a prize incentive to your top sellers.  We will ship your display candles and order forms upon receipt of payment for your display kit(s).  You are not required to use the kit(s), but will only benefit and increase your sales by doing so. 

How do we submit the final fundraiser order?

Once you’ve collected your group’s individual order forms, your designated group coordinator will need to complete a FINAL TALLY form (included in your paperwork packet). Submit this information along with a check made payable to: Heritage Falls for 50% of your total sales. Payment on the final order must be received before it ships from our production facility.

Does the group pay for shipping charges?

You will not incur costs associated with paperwork packets and order forms mailed to you. If you choose to purchase sample candles at discount, you will incur an $8.95 ship charge per kit to begin your sale.  Final fundraising orders will incur a ship charge, generally not exceeding 12% of your group’s profit amount. You can also make arrangements to pick up your final order.

What if our group is tax exempt?

We require an Exemption Certificate from your state. If you’re unsure about how to approach this, we’re happy to refer you to the proper authority in your state.

How do we pay for the order?

When you submit your final order form, it MUST be accompanied by your group’s payment. We accept credit cards, checks or cashier’s checks. Personal checks may delay shipping for 5-10 business days. Please make all checks payable to: Heritage Falls.

Candle Scents

View a list of our candle scents here.


“We broke our fundraising record again this year and have repeat customers asking us for more!” Mr. Tom Doran, Tecumseh School Choirs (NE)

“The candles are a very high quality product! You folks have been very helpful. Many thanks!” —R. Todd, Conestoga Middle School (NE)

Recent Success Stories

Small groups of 10-20 students or adults have easily sold over $2500 gross sales, earning substantial profit for their organization in only 2 weeks!!

A school choir group nearly doubled their gross sales, reaching over $10,000 one year, surpassing their goal amount set to purchase new music equipment.