“This has been our fundraiser for the past 4 years and we couldn’t be happier! These candles have outsold any other program we have done by far! The candles sell themselves and have created many repeat customers.” 

– T. Doran, School Choir Director, NE

My husband forbid me to burn anymore candles in the house due to black soot residue. We tried these wonderful soy candles and now burn one in every room of our home.” 

– J. Uher, Falls City, NE

“I have two granddaughters who are severe asthmatics & for some reason are not bothered by the smell of these soy products you use. Thank you. We love your candles!”

– Retail Customer, RI

“I have tried numerous brands in hopes of finding the perfect candle. I finally found it when I burned my first Heritage Falls candle and now it’s the only brand I have in my home. Their scents are like no other and because they’re soy, they have such a nice, clean burn. Lemon Verbena Berry is my current favorite!”

– T. Brewer, Falls City, NE

“I love the way your candles smell…I have found them to send their scent through multiple rooms. They are also very affordable.”

– M. Hansen, Union, NE

“I just received my Gingerbread candles they are wonderful! I will definitely be looking forward to ordering from Heritage Falls again.” 

– G. Cunnius, Cortez, CO